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Introducing Fiona Harte

Fiona Harte is a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland who has won

the hearts of many with her poetic lyrics and ambrosial vocals. 

She began to develop an early interest in the story’s being told behind 

songs on the radio and at the age of 8 years old started to write her own music. 

Fiona continued to hone her craft and has since penned hits for a range of 

Television Library’s as well as artists such as Duke Special and Rachael Sage. 

Having lived in New York Fiona found a safe space when writing in cities and has since kept that mentality when working on new material, often taking off to different countries to find inspiration. 

It was in New York’s famous venue The Bitter End that she held her sold out release show for her single ‘White Picket Fence’ which now holds over 1Million streams. Since her first single she has gained fans all over the world with key support in Nashville, Germany and Australia. 

Her new music is set for success in a world where singer songwriter music 

meets a modern twist. Her influences include legends such as Joni Mitchell,

Carole King and Patti Smith. Fiona was chosen by Pan-arts Northern

Ireland as one of their Top Songwriters and as a result has played a

number of famous music venues including Nashville’s Bluebird Café,

New York’s Bitter End and LA’s Hotel Cafe.

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